How much are you at risk?

Titel_broschure_vpu2With the BS EN 62305 standard now fully introduced, with 475 pages to wade through, the enormous amount of detail about choosing the correct surge protection device for your application can be mind-boggling. At a time when more and more electronic control equipment is being installed in industrial, commercial and private dwellings, the risk from lightning strikes and extreme surge voltage could leave you smoldering.

The new, extremely expanded, BS EN 62305 Protection against Lightning comprises four parts. Part 1 is General Principles and introduces you to the other parts; Part 2 is Risk Management, which defines the level of Lightning Protection System required, based on a risk assessment; Part 3 relates to physical damage to structures and life hazards; and Part 4 covers the protection of electrical and electronic systems within structures.

The scope and diversity of surge protection devices can be as complex as the new Standard, from lightning arresters, high power varistors and surge monitoring modules, to data interfaces and Surge protection for photovoltaic systems. With clear definition from BS EN 62305, you no longer need to be at risk.

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