Your robots are always on the job; we let them tell you what they are doing

MB_Anlage_Produkte_flachYour production requires a seamless flow of information to optimise plant or production cell productivity; from networking the communication between machine segments to the exchange of information with the high-level office networks. In this way you can constantly monitor the activities of your robots.

To support this seamless communication without interruption you need a comprehensive industrial portfolio portfolio from field to control level; managed and un-managed switches, power-over-ethernet, media converters  serial/ethernet converters and high security routers to name a few.

Couple this with innovative SteadyTec cabling solutions to create a uniform basis for reliable and standardised connections in data communication, both in the office and in the harsher production environment; Cat 6a cables, IP20 and IP67 connector solutions, copper and fibre optic cables and a whole manner of connection options; RJ45, M12, SC etc.

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