Your machines are distributed widely; our signal processing also covers large distances

Untitled-1Complex production processes means that lots of individual process stages need coordination. Numerous sensors and actuators throughout production facilities are connected to central control systems or ERP systems. Also in many cases, large distances have to be bridged and large quantities of different signals need processing.

To support this Weidmuller’s SAI Active portfolio equips engineers in a practical way. The remote I/O system of the SAI family can be positioned directly where sensors and actuators are present thanks to its IP67 encapsulation. the SAI-PRO and SAI-Wireless systems increase flexibility by allowing up to 50m of communication or wireless communications for hard to reach areas respectively.

Various standard versions of Sensor Actuator cabling solutions are available to create a uniform basis for reliable and standardised connections in data communication, both in the office and in the harsher production environment; however non standard variants can be quickly configured on line using the link below.

View Original article.  Use our Sensor Actuator Cable configurator here. View product catalogue here.

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