Get off to a head start in 2013 and win with leading edge surge protection technology.

home_en_3It is worthwhile investing in the best surge protection because lightning can strike anyone. Every hour, there are approximately one million lightning strikes occurring somewhere around the world, quite frequently with serious consequences. A look at statistics from property insurance companies shows that even these days, lightning strikes cause damage amounting to millions each year, and this trend is on the rise!

Weidmüller offers you the first surge protection devices in the market conforming to the latest standards; IEC/EN 61643-11:2012. 

As well as specifying among other things, a new test procedure which takes into account, the failure behaviour of protective equipment in the event of an overload, or when the service life has expired. From now on, in what is known as a failure mode simulation, the correct varistors are now used as test specimens, instead of the previously required copper blocks. The Type 1 operating duty test is conducted with a higher current than that specified in the previous standard. IT networks are also included for the first time in the new standard

So learn more, protect your plant and/or equipment, save money and most of all register now and win one of 10 Wii U consoles.


Learn more by visiting our dedicated VPU micro site here, or to register to attend one of our surge protection seminars and learn more from our experts click  here.

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