WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW is it Wednesday already! Here is another interesting piece of trivia from Weidmüller.


By being more socially responsible and caring for our environment Weidmüller is able to come up with new approaches towards energy efficiency and practice values to shape our world. By smaller energy optimisation measures alone, which we have put into practice in the last two years, we are able to save about;

500,000 kilowatt hours.

this equals approx. 300 tons of CO2

When we built our new production hall with a foot print of 11,000M2, we undercut the legal requirement for heating and air conditioning by more than 90%.

On top of this 10,000,000 photovoltaic panels are monitored and controlled by Weidmüller solutions around the world.

Have a question for future issues of WOW, then email us here or comment below and we will ensure we find the facts and post an update

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