You need high functional density; we convert and double your signals in a confined space

EN_Kraftwerk_ProdukteThe trend in process today is towards fitting the greatest functionality in the smallest space. For example, an  enormous number of analogue signals have to be converted in the core element of a steam cycle. Usually the space requirement in the cabinet is large. However, the 6mm wide ACT20M series of analogue signal splitters from Weidmüller  can isolate, convert and duplicate signals in a fraction of the normal space.

By combining this product with the ACT20 Feed-In mounting rail bus system and the PRO-H power supplies, you have a precisely co-ordinated power solution. Globally compliant with all the relevant approvals such as ATEX Zone 2, FM Div.2, GL and DNV you can be guaranteed a truly worldwide service. In addition to this  Weidmüller offers many more approved and innovative products to compliment these applications from stainless steel enclosure systems to marshalling terminals and accessories.

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