WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

prints metal markers as standard as well

The Weidmüller “PrintJet ADVANCED” is the first industrial printer that as standard can print stainless steel, aluminium and polyamide markers.


Up until recently, ovens or similar equipment were required for labelling metal markers. With Weidmüller’s MetalliCard range of markers, you are able to use innovative customised labelling system that allows you to print on aluminium or stainless steel tags, as well as the proven MultiCard plastic markers. This is an extremely versatile solution for labelling in the electrical cabinet: with just one printer, one software program and one type of ink. You no longer need to hire an external agency for expensive and time-consuming engraving or punch-outs.

This complete system is very customisable; M-Print®PRO software can be used to create your custom marker layouts. You save an enormous amount of time with the smooth data transfer from your CAE system.


We’re itching to demonstrate the “Printjet Advanced” printer’s capabilities and perfect 1200 dpi (max) printing performance in both black & white and full colour. Not only does it offer high quality indelible print; the solution of marker and print will withstand all industrial environments including harsh wash down applications using our “Metallicard” metal markers.

Find out more on our newest innovation by reviewing its dedicated microsite,  where you can download brochures and view the features and benefits of the portfolio

Want to see the “PrintJet ADVANCED” in action; request a no obligation demonstration by emailing us here or comment below and we will ensure we get you the information express post.

Watch out for our forthcoming posts where we tell you more about “Systemised Marking”.

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