WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW “Protect your Ethernet systems and infrastrucutres from unwanted surges “


Data networks are the backbone of efficient communication within your systems. Whilst the majority of Ethernet runs require no form of special protection; these networks can still become especially vulnerable to electrical disturbances. Long cable runs inside buildings or infrastructures become long wire attennas that can couple energy from nearby lightning strikes into the network.


Weidmüller, market leading experts in surge protection solutions and education offer Ethernet surge protection devices for many applications but in the form of their This product is in line with current market trends towards provision of even higher data rates and delivering protection up to 250 MHz (Class E).

We’re itching to demonstrate our surge protection familiy’s capabilities and how they can save your plant valuable time and money cuased by uneccessary downtimes. Enrol for one of our CPD certified Surge Protection Seminars by emailing your request.

Learn more by visiting our dedicated Surge Protection Website

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