WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW Are you fit for work?


How fit are you? Are you a sport freak, love climbing mountains, hurtling down hills on your mountain bike, the next Bradley Wiggins road racing, pounding the roads or even the treadmill? What ever you do, you definatley enjoy the buzz, the thrill and the adrenaline rush of activity.  Why do you do it? for the fun of it? to stay or get fit? to be social? What ever it is you do it because you feel good about it and like to strive for perfection. The same applies to Weidmüller when it develops new products and solutions. It makes sure that they will remain healthy and at the peak of their performance for the duration of the process time or plant operation.

Having excellent products running at the peak of there performance is one thing. At the same time we need to ensure that the teams that operate behind these great products also remain at the top of their game; not just professionally but also physically and mentally. To ensure this members of Weidmüller’s UK team have engaged into a “Step in to Health” programme aiming to help all staff of differing health and fitness levels to improve their wellbeing and empower them to achieve their own personal health objectives.Logo_RFL

The programme is also motivating staff to support local charities and raise valuable funds to allow them to fund valuable research (Cancer, Alzheimers etc), or to enable them to offer pallative care to the sick, frail and terminally ill.

RACE FOR LIFESo all of us at Weidmüller offer big hearty congratulations to our UK HR Manager – Janeeta Patel who completed her first ever 5K race on Sunday for “Race for Life“. A remarkable achievement and a very worthy cause.

So whatever you do this week congratulations from Weidmüller.

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