WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW Smart Power Distribution Units; save upto 50% space

Concatenated, modular control cabinets, as commonly encountered in production lines should be as compact as possible to facilitate integration in the machine environment. Well structured cabling is also required so that you know at a glance which cable is going where when troubleshooting.


Power distribution with conventional circuit terminals used to take up lots of space in this application, because you had to allow two bridged modular terminals per potential, which made handling more difficult and cabling confusing due to crossing lines. A configuration like this can always be a source of faults with unnecessary follow-up costs. The double-level WDK 10 terminals for power supply and distribution from Weidmüller, now enables users to save up to 50% space compared with solutions that were previously commonplace.

Features such as:

  • 50% space savingHandling WDK10
  • One terminal point – two conductors
  • Simpler handling
  • Flexibility in TN networks
  • Compact power distribution


Find out more or choose a product for your application in our online catalogue.

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