Can your facility afford to experience a power failure; allow us to supply you reliable PSU’s

Of course, it is necessary to safeguard a facility’s energy supply in the event of an outage. You cannot do without the important signals from the field, which serve to control the entire process. In addition, you also need to monitor a whole range of functions and performance parameters to your facility.

MB_Pack_ProdukteTo ensure a continuous, steady supply of power and a clean control voltage Weidmüller can offer products with redundancy circuitry, selective short-circuit tripping, battery storage and DC/DC converters using the highly effecient PRO M Power Supplies and USV Status Monitoring Relays.

And because of lightning and power surges can put an uninterrupted power supply in your production facility at risk, Varitector VPU Surge Protection Devices  provide unrestricted operation of power supplies and automation devices such as sensors, actuators and control units.

View Original article.  View the  Weidmüller PRO M  Offer and VARITECTOR SPC Offer.

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