Seamless integration is your wish; we convince through signal paths in perfect harmony.

Material and time saving in plant and process automation are influenced by two critical factors. On the one hand, it is important to be able to work on complex systems with numerous sensor connections and a broad range of voltage inputs. On th eother hand, the reliability of the actuator connectors in terms of lifetime and speed plays a major role.

MB_kran_ProdukteAs a partner in Industrial Connectivity, Weidmüller offers a comprehensive solution with its TermSeries and MicroOpto relays, and SAI Distributors working in perfect harmony.

The unique TermSeries relays offer multi input voltage options providing a truly universal relay module for all filed voltage inouts between 24V and 230v DC. These producst also boast a slim terminal format thus reducing panel space, and have easy status indication through LED displays.

MicroOpto is a short circuit proof solid-state relay and has practically an unlimited lifetime compared to traditional relay technology. The Weidmüller solution is rounded off with SAI Distributors in IP68 housings, which ensure safe, protected and flexible signal connections direclty in the field; such as crane forward and reverse switches, wear and tear monitors, overheating switches, stop sensors and many more.

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