WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW “Impressive combination of design and function”

The “iF product design award 2013” and the “red dot award: product design 2013” recognize the functional product design of the Weidmüller photovoltaic plug-in connector PV-Stick.


Specially developed for direct cabling in the field, the PV-Stick provides fast and costred-dot_product_design_2013-effective installation without the need for special additional tools: plug, twist, done! The recipe of success for this simplicity lies in the connector’s design, which combines technical performance with efficient operation down to the last detail. For example, an indentation on the screw cap provides an accurate indicator for determining the stripping length. The plastic ribs if_product_design_2013_querprovide extra grip and improved handling in all environmental conditions. All of these properties contribute to make the one-piece photovoltaic connector an outstanding example of a product design based entirely on the needs of the user.

The PV-Stick’s special design has already impressed two juries of international experts: it is one of the winners of this year’s “iF product design award” and the “red dot award: product design.”

Watch out for our forthcoming posts where we tell you more about “Weidmüller PV Solutions”.

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