WOW – Weidmüller on Wednesday

WOW “Weidmüller switched-mode power supply PRO-E: Ideal solution for industrial applications in confined spaces”.

PRO_EPower supplies are decisive components in the supply of power to machines and plants, as well as in building automation. Their reliability has a crucial influence on the safe operation of the connected components. The various products in the “PRO-M” and “PRO-H” power supply families have been proven for years in the supply of electrical and electronic sub assemblies in automation engineering. Weidmüller has supplemented these rail-mounted devices with the wall-mountable “PRO-E” power supplies. The devices, with their sturdy and stable metal housing and practical components, take up very little space due to their flat design and can therefore be used easily directly “on site” as centralised or decentralised power supply in machines and plants.

Learn more about our offer visiting our website, or call our experts on 0845 094 2006.

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