“WOW” – WIN! 13 NOW Available

WOW ” WIN! 13 Now Available.

Cover_WIN_13_Web-PDF_ENRead the latest edition of the Weidmüller Magazine WIN! online today.

The demand for power continues to grow. Experts predict an increase in global power consumption of around 60 percent by 2030. Industrialisation in the emerging markets and changes to power concepts in industrialised nations involving an increased amount of renewable energies form the background to the paradigm shift: smart processes and new technologies for generation, distribution and consumption are gaining in importance. Added to this are changes in the power plant landscape, the integration of renewable energies, the expansion of networks and the development of power storage solutions. New power concepts like these represent both an opportunity and a challenge for the entire industry.

Read more and download your copy of WIN! 13 from our website, or call our experts on 0845 094 2006 for information on our portfolio.

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