“WOW” – You can transmit up to 10 GBit/s with our tried-and-tested M12 connectors”

WOW “And you can trust that there will be no loss of quality with the M12 X-type / RJ45 cabinet feed-through 


Special connection elements are needed to connect the M12 connectors in industrial systems with the RJ45 patch cables normally found in the cabinet. These should be as space-saving as possible to satisfy the present requirements.

We have developed cabinet feed-throughs that guarantee reliable and loss-free data transmission. They are available in both straight and angled versions so that it is easier for you to achieve standardised cabling in tight spaces.

In addition, with the new cabinet feed-through, you receive a compact and robust adaptor that not only satisfies the Cat.6A transmission category, but it is also sealed on the system side in accordance with IP 67.

You can find out more about the advantages of this solution by visiting our website, or calling us on 0845 094 2006.

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This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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