“WOW” Safe flow of traffic even during thunder and lightning.

WOW “Future-proof surge protectors from the VARITECTOR PU series – for long-term reliability of a traffic control system 


Experiencing heavy traffic of 130,000 vehicles on average per day, the Brüttisellen junction in the Zurich-North metropolitan area is a real bottleneck.This key hub is where the A1 and A53 come together and merge traffic arriving from Zurich, eastern Switzerland, the Zurich Oberland and the Zurich Unterland.

Despite being regularly maintained, the four bridge structures that traffic travels across on the A1 have dropped below the permissible limits over the last few years. For this reason, extensive renovation work is currently being performed. In this context, Peter Meister AG, the control switch gear expert, was commissioned to deliver a new control system for the section of road near Brüttisellen.

One of the main requirements was to install a system that ran continuously, day and night, and in all weather conditions. With the help of Weidmuller, they were able to satisfy a key part of this requirement using a high-quality lightning and surge protection solution consisting of future-proof surge protectors in the VARITECTOR PU series, thus ensuring the long-term reliability of the control system even in adverse weather conditions.

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This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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