“WOW” Our compact, high-current, connector system for rail engineering applications

WOW The RockStar® HighPower end-wall connector”


Weidmüller RockStar® HighPower end-wall connector system for rail engineering applications, designed for max. 550 amps and 1,500 volts.

The RockStar® HighPower end-wall connector is our compact high-current connector system for high-speed trains – in a universal connector housing.

The connectors, which are designed for up to 550 amps and 1,500 volts, have been developed specifically for rail engineering applications (EN 61373 Cat 1b (sprung vehicle body)) and meets an extensive profile of requirements.

In addition to a compact, flexible, pluggable connection, the RockStar® high-power connectors deliver maintenance-free crimp connections, a dust-proof, water-proof, impact-resistant design, ease of handling and rapid installation.

A robust, highly impact- and corrosion-resistant housing with an IP68 protection rating protects the end-wall connectors, which are available in 3- and 4-pin versions. The proven crimp connection system is suitable for stranded, finely stranded and extremely finely stranded copper conductors of up to 240 mm2 and can be connected using standard crimping tools. The high-current connector system has an external earth connection and consists of one-piece crimp contacts, insulating sleeves and a die-cast aluminium housing that is painted black.

Pressemotiv Rockstar HDC Stirnwandstecker.indd

Weidmüller RockStar® HighPower end-wall connector – The 3- and 4-pin high-current plug-in connectors are designed for installation on the end walls of carriages.

As there is not much space available for installation between carriages, our highly compact end-wall connector is designed to take up very little space. In addition, the modular design makes the connector easy to use and handle.

You can read about our extensive range of heavy duty connector solutions by visiting our website, and specifically, our rail solutions pages or alternatively, please feel free to call us on 0845 094 2006

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This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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