“WOW” Slimline Insulated Screwdrivers

WOWVDE insulated screwdrivers featuring a slim blade”


Weidmüller’s SlimLine screwdrivers: VDE insulated screwdrivers featuring a slim insulation. Easily access sunken screws and operate the spring of tension clamp terminal blocks. Ergonomic design for fatigue-free working.

Our SlimLine series offers VDE-insulated screwdrivers with slim insulation enables users to easily access sunken screws and operate the spring of tension clamp terminal blocks. What’s more, not only is the shaft 33% thinner than in standard VDE screwdrivers, but  the ergonomic SlimLine handle is designed to ensure optimum handling characteristics and comfort when tightening and loosening screws. Distinguishing features of these professional tools include superior functionality, ergonomically designed handles with a SoftFinish® zone to transfer the highest tightening torques as well as high-alloy chromium-vanadium-molybdenum steel blades. And not least of all the protective insulation is sprayed directly onto the blade to ensure electrical safety even when working on critical applications up to 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC.

We have placed particular emphasis on superior functionality in combination with an ergonomic design for our SlimLine screwdrivers. The SlimLine design makes it possible to easily access sunken screws and operate the spring of tension clamp terminal blocks, a task for which standard VDE screwdrivers are not suitable. For example, SlimLine screwdrivers are particularly suitable to operate the spring of Weidmüller’s Z-series of terminal blocks. They also work with other equipment with deeply recessed screws beneath plastic moulding, eg. contactors. The ergonomically designed handle enables fatigue-free, comfortable working, while in addition to guaranteeing electrical safety the SoftFinish® zone ensures optimum haptic control as well as slip-free, high-torque tightening and loosening of screws.

SlimLine tools are distinguished both by the ergonomic design of their handles and particularly high levels of safety:the protective insulation is sprayed directly onto the blade to ensure electrical safety – including in critical applications. The VDE insulated SlimLine screwdriver is designed for working on live parts up to 1000 VAC and 1500 VDC in accordance with DIN EN 60900, IEC 900.


The high-alloy chromium-vanadium-molybdenum steel blades are fully hardened and feature a black gunmetal finish. Each tool is individually tested and carries the GS mark (tested safety).

The following SlimLine versions are available: a.) SDI SL S: VDE insulated slot-head screwdriver (DIN 7437, ISO 2380/2, blade to DIN 5264, ISO 2380/1), b.) SDIK SL PH: VDE insulated cross-head Philips type screwdriver (DIN 7438, ISO 8764/2-PH, blade to ISO 8764-PH), c.) SDIK SL PZ: VDE insulated cross-head Pozidrive type screwdriver (DIN 7438, ISO 8764/2-PZ, blade to ISO 8764-PZ) and d.) SDIS SL 2.5-5.5/PH/1/2: 6-piece set (VDE insulated slot-head and PH cross-head screwdriver set).

Screwdrivers with a ‘SoftFinish’ gripping zone have an ergonomically designed handle, which is sympathetic to the skin and consists of three components: the first is a particularly strong – not visible – plastic component that reliably and securely joins the blade and handle. The second is a – visible, yellow-coloured – hard component made of impact-resistant, dimensionally stable polypropylene. The third component – a red-coloured thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) – is designed to be soft to the touch for high levels of gripping comfort and ensure an optimum transfer of force. The design of the handle resembles a heavily rounded octagonal shape. Two parallel surfaces on the collar of the screwdriver offer designed-in anti-roll protection.

You can find out more about these and our other screwdrivers email us, or alternatively, please feel free to call us on 0845 094 2006.

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