“WOW”Analogue signal converters – ACT20P limit switches

Limit monitoring with simple configuration
ACT20P identifies even the smallest deviations


Reliable monitoring of parameters such as pressure, flow and temperature plays an important role, especially for power applications and in the process industry. In this regard, individual specifications and standards define the limits to be observed for smooth process flows.

Our ACT20P trip amplifier enables a precise monitoring solution to be set up for your process signals. Easily configured via FDT/DTM software or also directly on the device, the universal module can be used in many ways. The universal input range as well as the robust design support a wide temperature range.

The trip amplifier is characterised by high reproducibility and reliability. Thanks to its wide range of alarm functions, it can identify and accurately report even the smallestdeviations.



  • Universal input

The universal input range covers DC currents up to 5 A and voltages up to 300 V, 2/3-wire RTD, thermocouples, resistors and potentiometers to 500 kΩ.

  •  Numerous alarm functions

Window alarm, alarm delay, wireline break detection and hysteresis are just some of the features with which the trip amplifier provides the best conditions for each process requirement.

  • Configured directly at the device

A 7-segment display and LEDs support the direct configuration by push buttons and potentiometer.

  • High temperature stability

Thanks to the extended temperature range from –20 °C to +70 °C, the robust monitoring module can be used in any environment.

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