“WOW” Universal cabinet system: solution based on a close working partnership

Bosch Rexroth offers the universal competence for functional safety at all levels of automation, as well as technologies. In order to comply with the high demands placed on the functionality of safety equipment, they  developed their own, self-monitoring control solution.

The Self-Testing Safety System (STSS) for power plant applications monitors itself continuously and creates an ongoing log of the results. This means that operators have a traceable record, at all times, to show that their safety equipment is working.  One of the positive side effects is that the time between proof tests can be up to six times longer, reducing load and costs. It is obvious therefore, that when taking such an approach, Bosch Rexroth placed a lot of importance on using reliable components and subjected the Weidmuller proposed solutions to rigorous testing.



The PRO-M switched-mode power supplies range ticked all the boxes due to its high degree of efficiency, overload resistance and high performance reserves.

In addition, the control of external actuators is safeguarded by our 6-mm wide relay Termseries modules and in the case of Ex applications in process automation, intrinsically safe ACT20X signal converters have been deployed.

Vibration-resistant electrical cabling has been achieved by the use of our “PUSH IN” modular terminals.

Furthermore, the protective frame for the system is provided by our Klippon® TB MH stainless steel enclosure range.  Working Closely with Bosch Rexroth, we have taken on the complete, application-specific installation – both the high-level versions for power plants and offshore applications and the standard versions for further industrial areas such as rolling mills.



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This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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