“WOW” Everything in flow with device design

Weidmüller was able to meet the requirements of SAMSON AG in developing a new electropneumatic position controller by providing a reflow-compatible connection solution and multifaceted design-in support.

GR_PCB_LSF_SMT_Appl_Samson_HA_1.pngSmall, strong, black – a perfect description for SAMSON”s compact position controller. Mounted on pneumatic control valves, it serves to integrate the valve position and control signal in the process control technology. The field of application of the controller spans all applications in which things are “in flow” – such as vapours, gases or chemical substances.
“With their high functional density, miniaturised devices like this position controller have led to changed processes in PCB assembly,” recognises Michael Sturm, Industry Manager for Device Manufacturers at Weidmüller. “That”s why SAMSON also relies on Through-Hole Reflow (THR) soldering in favour of conventional feed-through mounting with subsequent wave soldering for processing its electronic sub-assemblies. This can achieve significant efficiency gains, especially in mass production.”

The optimised solder pin length of 1.5 mm is just one example of the advantages obtained. This enables space-saving, double-sided PCB assembly, while fulfilling the requirements of IPC-A-610E and means it is also ideal for THR soldering processes with vapour phase systems. Through the use of the high temperature material LCP (liquid crystal polymer) with an MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) of 1, time-consuming predrying of the circuit board components is no longer necessary prior to the assembly process.

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This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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