“WOW” Single track to success

Thanks to TERMSERIES with multi-voltage input, multi-track relay solutions are a thing of the past. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) benefits from this with its newly standardised overhead line control cabinets


With the number of passengers and kilometres travelled increasing year-on-year, the Swiss railway is enjoying growing popularity. To transport the large number of passengers safely via rail, considerable attention is being paid to maintaining and modernising the infrastructure.

Overhead line control based on the modular principle

“Our overhead lines have to be supplied with 15 kV. Across the entire SBB network, this means several hundred supply points distributed throughout Switzerland,” according to Felix Leu from SBB. “For controlling the high voltage switches, we rely on newly standardised cabinets equipped with remote control technology. One of our main demands in the planning phase was that the systems are structured according to a modular principle, so we can expand our options at any time as necessary. Accordingly, components that can be used as flexibly and universally as possible were all the more valuable for us.”

As part of the project, the automation specialist, BSR Automation, developed a control system, which takes care of the power supply for the overhead lines. This required a relay module which decouples the different field signals for control. During the search for a suitable solution, the TERMSERIES from Weidmüller soon became the obvious choice. The clear advantage of this allrounder for digital signal processing ‒ where different relays were previously required, TERMSERIES can be applied universally for all three voltages in use (48 V, 72 V and 110 V) and also for all relevant mains system types (50 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz and DC voltage for battery supply).

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