“WOW” Keeping Pace with Continual Developments to Deliver Reliable Radio Operation!

“Our OMNIMATE solutions create radio network structures with optimised consumption for maximum functionality and efficiency.”

Reliable Radio Operation
With an efficient connectivity for your devices

1Radio base stations have the important job of processing mobile radio operation. The installed devices ensure optimum voice and data transmission, as well as comprehensive availability. The base station must ensure that mobile radio signals are sent, received, encrypted and amplified in a reliable manner, even in adverse weather conditions. It should also be extendable by means of different device components, in order to keep pace with constant developments in mobile radio technology.

When using our components, you create network structures with optimised consumption for maximum functionality and efficiency. Whether you need device connectivity for single core wiring in the control cabinet, on the switch-mode power supply, on the distributor or in high-frequency data transmission applications – our products fulfil the latest IEC 61984 standards and make the best connections. As a partner of Industrial Connectivity, we can support you with solutions from pre-planning through installation to maintenance and modernisation work.

GR_PCB_Power_Supply_RBS_HA1Power supply – Maximum availability
Our LXXX 15.00 OMNIMATE PCB terminal blocks and the feed-through terminals of the WGK series guarantee maximum system availability in the event of temperature fluctuations and overload.

GR_PCB_Power_Distribution_RBS_HA1Power distribution – Space-saving and convenient
Our compact Power plug-in connectors can be installed without the need for any special tools. So you not only shorten installation times and cut installation costs, but also take up less space on the front panel in the control cabinet thanks to its slim width

GR_PCB_Monitoring_RBS_HA1Monitoring – Precision where it really matters
Our B2CF OMNIMATE compact plug-in connectors ensure that you have a constant overview of all devices’ smooth operation. As a result, you can respond quickly by introducing counter-measures should a fault occur.

GR_IE_passive_RJ45_CabinetLineTransmitting and receiving unit – Secure and without loss
Our shielded RJ45 connection components for the PCB meet the requirements according to IEC 60603-7-5 and withstand harsh environments in the field and high data rates such as those required in mobile internet.

PCB_LED_Connect_GRP_2Climate control – Efficient thanks to complete automation
Our reflow-capable LSF-SMD (for SMD assembly) and LSF-SMT (for the THR process) OMNIMATE PCB connection terminals help to ensure constant and reliable fan control.

Click here or on the above brochure image to find out more.  You can also take a look on our website, or alternatively, please feel free to call David Tranter, our Device Connectivity Industry Manager on 07500 879739  our offices on 0845 094 2006 or simply email us!

Weidmüller – electrical connection, transmission and conversion of power, signals and data in the industrial environment – Let’s connect.

This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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