“WOW” You are looking for future communication standards …

“We connect the future with PROFINET.”

PROFINET – the leading Industrial Ethernet standard

Device ProfinetWhen planning your communications technology do you
depend on reliable, future-oriented industry standards?
If so, PROFINET technology is just the thing you are looking for, having established itself as THE standard for innovative automation products. Over 5 million nodes have already been installed worldwide and the number continues to grow. As a user you benefit from a large selection of products for your industrial application. What’s more, you can be certain you are backing an open and future-proof standard.

For many years now PROFINET has enjoyed a first-class
reputation among the world’s leading Industrial companies. Today, no other Industrial Ethernet standard is supported by so many manufacturers as PROFINET. Over 150 manufacturers are already making use of the unparalleled versatility of PROFINET for their devices. A long-term outlook is especially important when it comes to choosing a communications
system. So in choosing PROFINET you are making a decision for the future. The large number of manufacturers and products supporting PROFINET guarantees long-term
investment protection.

Based on PROFINET technology, Weidmüller offers cabling and connection components for the industrial environment. This ensures compatibility between different systems and
guarantees fast data communication in real time. The FreeCon
junction boxes also provide you an extremely flexible installation
system for robotic cabling and other industrial applications.  For the transmission of data via copper cable, we recommend
our proven, reliable and powerful STEADYTEC ®

POF technology offers considerable advantages with regard
to connection technology, EMC and preventive maintenance.
To enable you to enjoy these benefits with devices that only
have an RJ45 connection, we offer the IP 65 media converter,
which transforms the RJ45 data signals to SCRJ/PO

The cabling components are also easy to handle in the field. This means that the plug-in connectors for copper and fibre-optic cables can all be assembled on site. This reduces
installation times, eliminates errors and simplifies maintenance.

Click here or on the above brochure image to find out more.  You can also take a look on our website, find further information on our FreeCon solutions including FreeCon Cable Couplings and FreeCon Contactless, or alternatively, please feel free to call our offices on 0845 094 2006 or simply email us!

Weidmüller – electrical connection, transmission and conversion of power, signals and data in the industrial environment – Let’s connect.

This post was updated by Lesley Young from Weidmüller UK.

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