Weidmüller showcases new range of products and services at Southern Manufacturing

Southern Manufacturing BannerWe will be displaying a full range of products and services on stand no K19 at this year’s Southern Manufacturing and Technology Show to be held on 9-11 February at FIVE in Farnborough, Hants.

At the heart of the display will be many of our key products, including:

GR_FreeCon_Contactless_HA1FreeCon® Contactless Power Transmission System – The FreeCon® Contactless allows power to be transmitted via an ‘air gap’ by means of an inductive resonance coupling – it’s a solution that’s completely wear-free and especially efficient for robot-led production lines and more.

GR_FCom_HA_1_WSFrontCom® Vario – The FrontCom® Vario delivers a compact service interface with a future-proof design for switch and control cabinets. The device also enables simple and quick access to the control system/PC and electronics for maintenance needs.

20096200009999SAI MVV Motor Power Distributor – The only 4-way distributor on the market for 400V AC motors that can also be used for connecting 750W three-phase motors.

HDC RockStar-51996RockStar® Heavy Duty Connectors – If you need to transmit your energy securely, the RockStar® Heavy Duty Connectors offer innovative connection solutions with IP65, IP68 and EMC protection.

GR_UR20_station_safety_system_Det1u-remote – Weidmüller has expanded its well-established ‘u-remote’ remote I/O system to include new safety I/O modules, DeviceNet and CANopen couplers.



OMNIMATE Signal range – includes compact PCB terminals and connectors with intelligent locking concepts and a broad range of THR and SMD connection component products available for the SMT process. The OMNIMATE Power range will include high performance PCB terminals, connectors and feed-through terminals that meet the relevant device standards. The OMNIMATE Housings on show provide a state-of-the-art platform for electronics applications, for all design types and usage areas.

Other products on display include:

  • A wide selection of standard and application focused Modular Terminal Blocks featuring Screw clamp, Tension clamp and PUSH IN connection technologies.
  • PLC Interface Solutions,
  • Gigabit Industrial Security Router,
  • The ACT20P Pro DCDC II Analogue Signal Converter,
  • TERMSERIES relay and solid state relay products,
  • ACT20C Ethernet Enabled Signal Conditioners
  • A range of Crimping tools and cable lugs

You can find out more about our products on our website, by calling us on 0845 094 2006 or simply email us.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand!

Weidmüller – electrical connection, transmission and conversion of power, signals and data in the industrial environment. – Let’s connect.

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