New SAI MVV 1:1 motor power distributor: compact and robustly designed motor power distributor for 400 V AC

Our new 4-way distributor for four 400-V AC motors: the controller can be optionally placed in the cabinet or on the motor.


Our motor power distributor is particularly suited to conveyer systems and provides the ideal field wiring solution for supplying power to motors individually.  Heavy duty connectors are no longer required.

For distributed applications, e.g. with 750-W 3-phase motors, SAI MVV 1:1 is an impressive alternative to conventional systems with distribution boxes and terminals. In fact, all situations in which multiple small 3-phase motors are used demand a rational and clear wiring concept. The SAI MVV 1:1 offers a simple star wiring topology solution for up to four 400-V AC motors and 12 A per phase. The implemented star wiring topology complements the linear structure of Weidmüller’s FieldPower system. The SAI MVV 1:1 is ideal for applications in which motors run without shielded cable and controller or the control components – motor contactor or soft starter – are located in the control cabinet. In some applications, the control components can also be mounted on the motor.

A typical, ideal field of application for the new SAI MVV 1:1 motor power distributor is in conveyor lines – i.e. belt or overhead conveyors, where several compact motors are distributed in the field. On the SAI MVV 1:1, a red SAI hood and red blanking caps for the M12 cable gland indicate that a higher voltage is being used. Each slot is also marked with a warning label.


The compact design and S-coded M12 connectors make the SAI MVV 1:1 distributor extremely flexible

In addition to its high performance characteristics, the new SAI MVV 1:1 motor power distributor is also small in size, easy to assemble and securely encoded. The compact dimensions make it easy for users to construct distributed, space-saving field wiring solutions. The SAI MVV 1:1 is just 132 mm in length with the cable gland (102 mm without), 60 mm in width and 41.5 mm in height with the hood, making it unique on the market. The SAI MVV 1:1 has also been designed as a pluggable solution: plug-and-play allows users to significantly reduce installation times and also keeps repair costs, i.e. for cable damage, to a minimum. Weidmüller also provides suitable built-in connectors for the motors. Built-in plugs with M20 threads allow motors to be easy plugged in and also simplify the job of replacing motors, should this be necessary. And to prevent them from being mixed up with conventional M12 connectors, the 400-V M12 connectors have their own coding – M12-S-coded – which means they cannot be connected with other M12 solutions.

All SAI MVV 1:1 motor power distributors are completely sealed in the bottom section. Designed with IP 68 protection, the SAI MVV 1:1 is able to operate in a wide range of temperatures from –20°C to +90°C.

Plug-in connector solutions are easy to configure on the Internet: the Galaxy project assistant on the Weidmüller homepage quickly configures prefabricated cables for users according to their individual requirements and specifications.

Weidmüller offers an extensive range of SAI distributors. Solutions are available for S-coded M12 connectors in angled and straight versions. They are customisable, which means they can be assembled on site and the cable length can be adjusted for the respective application.

For more information you can see our website, or alternatively, please feel free to call our offices on 0845 094 2006 or simply email us

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