u-remote: great innovation and so many advantages!

From planning to operation, u-remote allows you to speed up all processes and opens up new possibilities for intelligent system architecture. The result available to you is an innovative I/O system which is the perfect response to growing complexity in machine and factory automation thanks to its powerful flexibility and simple handling.



You can take a look at our u-remote product overview and current innovations which includes:

  • HD Modules
  • Fieldbus Coupler for Ethernet/IP
  • 230 V AC Module
  • SSI Module
  • N-Switching I/O Modules
  • Communication Module
  • Web Server 2.0
  • Safe Digital I/O Modules for PROFIsafe and FSoE

and in addition, you can read about the multitude of benefits of u-remote including:

  • No space for efficiency losses with the most miniature of system solutions that deliver maximum performance
  • Simply faster to connect up- minimises cabling errors and is intuitive to use and handle
  • Simple start to series production within a very short space of time, u-remote scores top marks with sophisticated diagnostics
  • Notably improved production performance u-remote significantly increases your machines‘ operating availability

For further information on our u-remote connectivity solutions, please feel free to call our u-remote sales specialist, Martin Costin on  07778 990958, take a look on our website, call  our offices on 0845 094 2006 or simply email us!

Our formula: “More Performance. Simplified. u-remote.” 

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