Weidmüller u-link: monitor machines securely and efficiently with u-link, the web-based remote maintenance solution.

Our u-link simplifies remote maintenance and increases plant productivity through accelerated service.


Our u-link web-based remote maintenance solution monitors machines securely and efficiently.

The more comprehensive the design of remote maintenance solutions for machines and systems, the more complex and time-consuming their management tends to be. Even dedicated, secure connections to the existing IT systems pose a challenge, not to mention systems that are increasingly globally networked. For many users, both of these things represent a significant hurdle. The new u-link web-based remote maintenance solution from Weidmüller impresses with its rapid and efficient access to machines and systems. u-link makes remote maintenance easy and enables production facilities as well as user clients to be managed efficiently. The intuitive interface of u-link can be easily configured to match the system and quickly customised to meet specific design requirements. In addition to an innovative cloud service running on secure, high-availability servers in Germany, u-link also provides an online platform with secure “containers”, i.e. data is protected from being accessed by “third parties”.

Thanks to its special properties, u-link provides a solid basis for the secure and cost-effective installation even of more extensive remote maintenance solutions. Multiple production facilities and users can be managed simultaneously thanks to the clear and concise structure. The u-link remote maintenance solution has no limits and can register any number of routers and users on the portal, adding more as and when required. In this way, u-link can be optimally adapted to meet the needs of an ever-changing and growing company. u-link uses individual rights management to provide specific system management: users, groups and their access rights are managed by u-link in accordance with individual specifications. These include group assignment or access rights to production plants.

20151006An intuitive interface means that minimum effort is spent on configuration, while routers and clients can be interconnected easily and without extensive IT knowledge. Multiple plants can be quickly networked using the cloud service. Remote access to machinery and equipment is provided via a secure VPN connection – from any location in the world. High-availability servers in Germany ensure secure access to all systems at all times. Furthermore, Weidmüller Industrial Ethernet routers guarantee the full system integrity of the remote maintenance solution. Status monitoring and status messaging is provided by Weidmüller Heartbeat: it reports the availability of a router to the u-link remote maintenance solution.

u-link keeps systems highly productive at all times, even without in-depth IT knowledge, thus making it easier for mechanical engineers and plant operators to access their systems: the perfect remote maintenance solution – simple, fast, secure and precise.

You can visit our website for further information, call our u-remote sales specialist, Martin Costin on  07778 990958,  contact our sales offices at 0845 094 2006 or or feel free to email us!


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