Weidmuller have enhanced their u-remote IP20 remote I/O fieldbus coupler portfolio to incorporate POWERLINK.

“u-remote ensures maximum fieldbus compatibility and extensive diagnostics testing”


u-remote is one of the first third-party products to allow complete integration in the latest version of the B&R Automation Studio. The modularly designed u-remote I/O system with POWERLINK interface connection is detailed using modular XDD files, meaning it can be incorporated easily in the engineering environment. When it comes to integrating machines and system parts into complex production lines, users can benefit from u-remote’s high migration and diagnostic capabilities.

Increasingly specific customer demands require solutions for a flexible, individually adjustable fieldbus architecture that is also fast and straightforward to implement. The new u-remote fieldbus coupler from Weidmüller supports the POWERLINK Industrial Ethernet standard and its convenient handling ensures straightforward installation, whilst the extensive diagnostic functions help to optimise and speed up processes. A web server integrated in the fieldbus coupler enables system diagnostics to be carried out even before connecting to the control unit. Thanks to its certification from the user organisation EPSG, u-remote is fully compatible with POWERLINK version 2.

The new u-remote POWERLINK fieldbus couplers powerful web server allows users to parameterise and simulate the functionality of inputs and outputs without having to connect a control unit for the diagnostics. In addition, u-remote’s power supply for inputs and outputs is separated into two 10 A current paths (the feed-in current for input and output modules is max. 10 A for each). The I/O modules thus guarantee flexible planning and distribution without the need for extra power.

The integrated web server also facilitates phased commissioning operations and speeds up maintenance work. Whether it’s for remote diagnostics or the local simulation of inputs as well as forcing outputs, u-remote requires no special software, just a standard Internet browser.

The new POWERLINK fieldbus coupler enhances the Weidmüller fieldbus coupler portfolio for PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and CANopen. u-remote fieldbus couplers allow users to respond to individual market demands: the system simply migrates from one fieldbus to another when the coupler is exchanged. That means, depending on customer requirements, the requisite fieldbus coupler is simply placed in front of the u-remote station and thus provides flexible solutions for a wide variety of environments.

gr_ur20_station_powerlink_64_modules_det_1Every fieldbus coupler makes provision for 64 I/O modules and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C. Naturally, the new fieldbus coupler also complies with current requirements and standards.

You can find more information on the POWERLINK field bus coupler on our website or alternatively, call us on 0845 094 2006.

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