FieldPower® Elevator

WoW: “You want smart solutions for elevator applications.
Our wiring system for elevator shafts makes it possible”

A robust and compact connection box holds together all the components and brings your installation under complete control – from floor to floor, level to level. Increase efficiency and reliability while decreasing installation time and material complexity with the FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring system.

Whether your application involves passenger or freight elevators, new installation or modernization, low-rise buildings or multi-level structures, the industry sets high requirements for elevator technology.

The traditional installation of the electrical control systems has remained a laborious and time-consuming task, e.g. to install cable ducts, prepare single wires or cables, ensure a secure interruption of safety chains etc. Weidmüller as your partner in Industrial Connectivity has developed a smart solution to connect a flat cable per floor, providing energy, signals and data:

  • Two key components: Elevator shaft wiring box and 11- pole flat cable (9 copper wires/2 fillers).
  • From a twin-pointed piercing contact (to connect flat cable) to a quick and reliable PUSH IN technology (to connect wires for car call, floor indicator, etc).
  • Configurable assemblies for different functionalities (feed-in, landing, bus, safety circuit, pit).
  • Five simple handling steps for an easy shaft wiring installation without need of special tools.
  • Simple and fault-free assembly in the shaft or through pre-configuration.
  • Substantial reduction of shaft wiring time.
  • Decreased number of required components and optimised logistic costs.
  • Simplified project planning, especially for modernisation.

For further information, you can visit our website or call us on 0845 094 2006.


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