“WoW” Weidmüller’s new Crimpfix E automatic stripper and crimper

“Our new generation of machines for the efficient processing of wire-end ferrule reel material with plastic collars.”

With our new Crimpfix E electrically powered automatic stripper and crimper,
we are providing a new generation of machines for the economical processing of wire-end ferrule reel material with plastic collars.

The new electrically powered Crimpfix automatic stripper and crimper allows for the efficient processing of wire-end ferrules with plastic collars as reel material.

Crimpfix E activates previously unused rationalisation potential, as wiring in panel building is expensive and time-consuming. One of the most expensive tasks is the assembly of cables, which involves extensive manual work.

The Crimpfix E automatic stripper and crimper allows for the efficient, stationary crimping of wire-end ferrule reel material with plastic collars in cable cross-section ranges from 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 – in the field and in the workplace.

Crimpfix E automates individual work steps, significantly increases efficiency and reduces the time/costs required for the whole process. “Optimised installation times” is the main requirement that forward-looking markets are asking of their strategic partners. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the field, we have a convincing answer in the shape of a practical, high-performance portfolio of tools to enable the efficient processing of wire material. Crimpfix E is the latest addition to this comprehensive range of tools.

Indeed, the new Crimpfix E automatic stripper and crimper is quick, simple and flexible
for users either in the workshop or on site. After connecting the electrically
powered tool to the mains, it is ready to use straight away. Crimpfix E represents
a new generation of tools in that it has been developed to enable the complete
assembly of conductors, i.e. stripping and crimping. There is no need to change
the fittings: the combined automatic stripper and crimper is fitted with a flexibly
adjustable stripping unit and a crimping drum as standard.

Crimpfix E is designed especially for small and medium series with a conductor cross-section of 0.5 to 2.5 mm2, i.e. the most frequently used cross-sections. The stationary, electrically powered Crimpfix E device is also ideal as an entry-level model. It is quick and efficient at processing conductors with standard PVC insulation and wire- end ferrules with plastic collars as reel material with a connection length of
8 mm.

Crimpfix E is robust in design, with an interior made entirely from metal. It has impressively long maintenance intervals, low wear and a long service life

Crimpfix E is robust in design – its interior is made completely from metal. The new automatic stripper and crimper has impressively long maintenance intervals, low wear levels and a long service life. Another advantage is that it is really easy to use: Crimpfix E has an adjustable stripping unit and a display showing meter readings for the day, total and servicing. The service meter shows
the maintenance intervals.

Adjusting to the relevant cross-section range is
a simple process involving just a hexagon key

It is easy to adjust to the relevant cross-section range and just requires a hexagon key which is supplied. A conical funnel makes it easier to feed in the conductor to be processed.

Crimpfix E can process different cross-sections without having to change tools. Users simply adjust the stripping blade and the crimping drum. The stripping blades are very easy to change, with a separate menu option that is simple to operate.

The built-in display shows the device setting and the various meter readings – day, total and service

Crimpfix E weighs 16 kg and has a compact design, measuring just 230 mm in height, 288 mm in width and 345 mm in depth. Crimpfix is the name given by Weidmüller to its range of automated tools covering different user
requirements, conductor cross sections and pulse times.

You can find further information on our website or alternatively you can email us or give us a call on 0845 094 2006.

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