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Weidmuller have enhanced their u-remote IP20 remote I/O fieldbus coupler portfolio to incorporate POWERLINK.

“u-remote ensures maximum fieldbus compatibility and extensive diagnostics testing” u-remote is one of the first third-party products to allow complete integration in the latest version of the B&R Automation Studio. The modularly designed u-remote I/O system with POWERLINK interface connection … Continue reading

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“WOW” IP 65 FreeCon cable couplings

“Robotics/field cabling for reduced assembly time. Efficient power, PROFINET and signal cabling” Previously in cable assembly production, the cable was pulled through the sleeve without a plug, and the connectors fitted afterwards. If a packaging error was found in the … Continue reading

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“WOW” You are looking for future communication standards …

“We connect the future with PROFINET.” PROFINET – the leading Industrial Ethernet standard When planning your communications technology do you depend on reliable, future-oriented industry standards? If so, PROFINET technology is just the thing you are looking for, having established … Continue reading

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“WOW” New EtherNet/IP coupler for u-remote system delivers additional flexibility, modularity and more choice of fieldbus to use in applications

EtherNet/IP coupler enables connection of remote I/O’s to EtherNet/IP networks. Machinery and automation builders in industrial environments are now able to benefit from our new EtherNet/IP coupler, the fifth gateway now available for our u-remote system, which allows connection of remote … Continue reading

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